GLIMPSE  () / Sound

01. Anne Laplantine- Theme of les manus  
02. C. Spencer Yeh, Okkyung Lee, Lasse Marhaug- Ophelia Gimme Shelter  
03. Catherine Ribiero- Lumière écarlate     
04. James K- Directions  
05. Oneohtrix Point Never- Sleep Dealer  
06. Sonny and Linda Sharrock- Untitled 3  
07. Sun Ra & His Solar Myth-Arkestra- Pyramids  
08. AHNNU vs D/P/I- WST.02  
09. Maria Minerva- Lovecool  
10. Dirty Beaches- Greyhound at Night  
11. Kwaidan- Gateless Gate  
12. Infinity Frequencies- i saw her  
13. Momus- Core  
14. Laurel Halo- Melt  
15. Les momies de Palerme- Rivière du non-retour  
16. Julia Holter- Hello Stranger  
17. Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier- Vermillion Sands  



Extremely focused and calm


1. Ask Heem 202 456 73569
2. Nites of Malta
3. Tarmac
4. CIA Man
5. Different Kind of Whore
6. Me and Mrs Jones
7. Uncle Jim
8. A Target Silhouette Punished Part 1




La Jeune-Fille rira.
Le Bloom la regarda.
La Jeune-Fille ne rigola pas.
Le Bloom se sentit mal à l'aise.
Elle s'excusa.
Il la regarda toujours.
Elle s'enferma aux toilettes.
Il se mit à branler.
Elle se mit à pleurer.

Truc List

1. Keys Open Doors - Clipse
2. Shadrach - Beastie Boys
3. State Ward - Cemetery
4. Barbarism Begins at Home - The Smiths
5. Shaved Women - Crass
6. Kao 4 part 1 (live) - Kaophonic Tribu
7. fordabitches - Hodgy Beats
8. Les Amours Perdues - Elysian Fields
9. Stop! You're Hurting Me - Magic Sam


(This is an anti-nazi mixtape. Ceci est un mixtape anti-nazi.)




01. Τόλης Βοσκόπουλος - ΤΟ ΔΙΛΗΜΑ
02. Gérard Zadj & Jean-Pierre Decerf - A Mind Level
03. Muslim Magomaev - "Come prima"
04. Гренада Галина Беседина Сергей Тараненко
05. Denis and Denis- Gluhi Telefoni
06. Jo Lemaire et Flouze- Je suis venu te dire que je m'en vais
07. Lill Lindfors (Det Är Då) Jag Känner Jag Vill Va' Hos Dig (feel like makin love)
08. Rana & Selçuk Alagöz - Atamam Ben Kalbimi Sokaklara
09. Martin Denny- Was it really love?
10. Milva- Bella Ciao
11. Johanna Group- Swomp Baby
12. Patricia- Quand on est malheueux



I done forgot my past, but I seen my future
Lil B- Forgiveness (new link)

01. Open Thunder Eternal Slumber
02. Illusions Of Grandeur
03. The Growth
04. Rock 4Sho
05. Unchain Me
06. Prayer To Music
07. All My Life (remix)
08. I'm Like Killah
09. Im Certified
10. December 1989
11. I Forgive You
12. I Need the Based
13. Let Shit Slide
14. Based Gangsta Prayer
15. Illusions of Grandeur Remix



You wake up in a house but it is not your house. The telephone rings. You answer it. The person on the line seems to be in mid-conversation and is using words you don't understand. You hang up. A cat that you didn't know was there jumps out from behind the curtains and high-tails it under a dresser. You turn and open the curtains. The sun nearly blinds you. You rub your eyes. Someone puts their hand on your shoulder. You wake up in a bed and it is your bed. You're bleeding.


01 Man Next Door - The Slits
02 Frontier Psychiatrist - The Avalanches
03 You Do Voo Doo - Pocahaunted
04 Industrial Revolution - Immortal Technique
05 Peace of Mind (Ft. Red Star Lion & Rodney P) - Dub Pistols
06 Dis Poem - Mutabaruka
07 Bella Ciao - Talco
08 Champagne & Reefer - Bongzilla
09 Robot - Plastics
10 Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers
11 Poor Lonesome Cowboy - Pat Woods




Distant orange and blue

GAMBODGE (cloud)

01. Bizar- Googoosh
02. Hole in the Sky- Kode9/Spaceape
03. America!- Bille Callahan
04. Musastigin- Björk
05. Nuclear War- Sun Ra/His Arkestra
06. Tender Buttons- Broadcast
07. Sparkling World- Ann Steel/Roberto Cacciapaglia
08. Ihmispuku- Islaja
09. Misty- Ruby Ruby Ruby